Friday, March 18, 2011

Thursday, the new Friday

Last night turned out pretty much as weird as I expected it to go. After an entertaining day at work, including a giant blown up Newcastle draught keg set up outside of our office (shown above), I drank a beer before heading home. Of course I had Jordan's car since mine is stuck in the auto shop for another day. I rushed home where Jordan and I ventured to Glendale to pick up my car from Chuck, the friendly auto mechanic/money-grubbing a-hole. After getting my car, Jords, JP and I trekked to the metro station decked out in green for St. Pattys day and ready to watch the Blues beat the Kings. We got there fashionably late, as usual, and enjoyed cheering incredibly loudly while the Kings fans booed us. Sorry we're winners. Then Mizzou lost, which put a minor damper on the night... but we were still in high spirits because of the 4-0 score, and didn’t even let almost getting hit by a puck ruin our night (Jordan’s biggest fear came true).

From the Staples Center it was on to our quest for the perfect Irish pub. After seeing the line at Dublins we opted for a smaller Irish bar downtown complete with a live Celtic band. A round of green beer and Wild Turkey (ew) shots, we headed to Hollywood to see what we could stir up. We found Wood and Vine, JP’s pick for the night and it was great -- the perfect sized bar with a great outdoor seating area. V Hudgens was there with new BF Josh Hutcherson who is probably about 5’2, if I’m being generous. It was disappointing to see V sporting a giant green cloverleaf belt buckle, she usually has such good style. Oh well, I’ll let this one slide. After we took back some Miller Lights, we decided to head home for the evening. Staying out until 3 in the morning on a weekday? Definitely regretting that decision today. If it weren’t for Friday morning breakfast at work, things would be bleak right now. Alright off to do more work, I’ll keep you guys posted on what the weekend holds.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Long Weekend

This past weekend I took a trip home, and it turned out to be an awesome weekend. Brock and I took on St. Louis on Saturday (Crown Candy=so good) which led to a great night with Meghan and Andy, then Sunday it was family time for Grandpa's 90th b-day and Monday was movies and relaxing time at his house. However, coming back to LA I was completely freaking out. I knew I had to face a car that was not functioning as well as having to be up early to get back to work. After attempting to fix my car but having it literally blow up in my face, I had a good cry/mental breakdown last night.

This morning I decided it would be a good idea to take the day off to A.) get my car towed B.) enjoy the LA weather and C.) have some much needed down time. This helped so much. I'm feeling a ton better, and I was even able to lay out in the sun and read for a couple hours. I'll keep everyone updated on what the rest of this week brings including: St. Pattys Day happy hour, Saturday thrift store scavenging and my sister's arrival on Monday!

Here's a pic of Brock and me by the Arch on Saturday and the pretty name decorations Jordan and I made at our apt. today!