Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Long Weekend

This past weekend I took a trip home, and it turned out to be an awesome weekend. Brock and I took on St. Louis on Saturday (Crown Candy=so good) which led to a great night with Meghan and Andy, then Sunday it was family time for Grandpa's 90th b-day and Monday was movies and relaxing time at his house. However, coming back to LA I was completely freaking out. I knew I had to face a car that was not functioning as well as having to be up early to get back to work. After attempting to fix my car but having it literally blow up in my face, I had a good cry/mental breakdown last night.

This morning I decided it would be a good idea to take the day off to A.) get my car towed B.) enjoy the LA weather and C.) have some much needed down time. This helped so much. I'm feeling a ton better, and I was even able to lay out in the sun and read for a couple hours. I'll keep everyone updated on what the rest of this week brings including: St. Pattys Day happy hour, Saturday thrift store scavenging and my sister's arrival on Monday!

Here's a pic of Brock and me by the Arch on Saturday and the pretty name decorations Jordan and I made at our apt. today!

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