Monday, February 28, 2011

So, What Have I Been Up To?

I am finally doing a good blog update to make all of my blog followers happy! (Aka Meghan and my sister) So after my first official week of work and then my first weekend with Jordan here, things are looking a little better. I am surviving solely on Ramen noodles and PB&J’s which is actually working out pretty well. Being poor is something I’m ridiculously good at. My big splurge of the week was a giant gallon of wine at the local Vons for $5.99. (It was about to be $9 since I didn’t have a Vons card, but thank God that old man behind me offered his card—it literally made my day) The week went by so slow, which may be something I have to get used to? Yikes. My new work wardrobe is turning out pretty well, I bought a good mix of separates in neutral colors (mostly from Gap on sale for $15 or less) so I can mix and match throughout the next 3 months.

Thursday brought about a good surprise when my friend Brett texted me saying he had some good tickets to the LA Kings game that night. I had no idea he worked for the Kings, but I was definitely not going to pass up anything free. Especially free tickets! So I headed back to the apt. after work, and Jordan and I headed to the Staples Center. The seats were Unreal. We had so much fun, even though we sat next to the two dumbest girls in LA (Two FULL minutes after the entire crowd stood up and cheered for the King’s first goal, Dumb Girl 1 turned to Dumb Girl 2 and said, “Oh I think they scored.”) After the game we went to a bar/restaurant by the Staples Center and ate some food and had some beers. Then it was back home since I had work early in the morn.

Friday night was probably one of the least exciting Fridays that I’ve had in quite awhile. Jordan and Jenna were at Disneyland, and I headed right home after work to throw on my pajamas, grab some wine and enjoy hours and hours of TV shows on Hulu. I caught up on all of my shows, which sounds like a lame Friday night, but it was exactly what I wanted to be doing that night. Saturday Jordan and I headed to the mall to do some returns, and then went back to the house to get ready for the night. We went out to a bar in West Hollywood that night. It was pretty fun, definitely better than last weekend.

Then yesterday was the big Oscars day. I watched the Red Carpet preshow that started at 3, and then we had to turn off the TV when the Oscars started because we were going to Jennas for a watch party that night. It. Was. Torture. We finally had to force ourselves out of the house because we wanted to watch it so badly. We ventured to Jamba Juice for a little bit of heaven. Jenna finally made her way back home, and we were able to watch the Oscars at last. To sum up my opinion of the night Mila Kunis killed it in the lavender Elie Saab dress, and I was so happy to see Colin Firth win for A King’s Speech. All of the movies nominated for Best Picture were awesome though, but I would’ve liked to see The Fighter win. A King’s Speech was a bit, um, slow for my taste. Overall, the weekend was good. I’m still missing home, but who knows if/when that will ever change.

Today I am getting through the day with the knowledge that I have two solid hours of The Bachelor to watch tonight. For some reason I am super homesick today, and I woke up feeling like I wanted to just sit at home and cry. When I go home in 2 weeks it’s going to be really hard for me to come back out here. Who knew I was such a baby? Prairietown, Oh Prairietown! (Only my sister will get that) Alright it’s back to work, and another looong week.

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  1. "Being poor is something i'm ridiculously good at" LOL.