Thursday, February 17, 2011

Holy Heart Attack

As if two interviews in one day wasn't stressful enough, I came home today to find that my computer was not responding. Sure, falling asleep to this week's episode of The Bachelor playing on Hulu may not have been the most sensible idea, but I didn't think it would cause my computer to completely shut down. Anyone who knows my loyalty to this old Mac knows that I wasn't going to give up easily. After consulting with my parents and trying every trick they could find online, I decided to consult an Apple technician. Well short of laughing at me, he basically said my computer was so old there was nothing he could do about it. Really? He thought I should just say goodbye to my loyal iBook and move on to a newer more expensive model? Shocking. Well sorry "Dan from Apple" I don't have $1,000 laying around for a new computer. Wish I did.

After getting off the phone with the unhelpful Dan, I was close to full blown hysteria. How can I survive in LA without my computer? I was losing it. Then I thought, what if I hit the button on the back by the battery at the same time I hit the power button? Nobody had suggested that yet, and I was desperate. Needless to say, it WORKED! I jumped around, did a few cartwheels, called Brock (not excited as he was eating dinner at Applebees) and my Dad (a little more excited that I did it on my own), and then realized that I might just be becoming an (gasp!) adult! After that I decided to head on down to my trusty old Jeep to fix my brake light. Using tools and even getting my hands dirty, I fixed my brakelight within the same few minutes as my computer! Adulthood here I come!

iBook G4, How I love thee.

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