Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day Two: Big Texan Style

Our second day began with a great start because we slept in until 10:00--which was fabulous. While watching tv, Brock put on the Travel Channel only to see the Big Texan Steakhouse being named the #1 Steak eatery on this particular Travel Channel program. Weird that it was showing right where we happened to be. We decided it would be unacceptable not to head over to the Steakhouse to see what it had to offer. Plus we had to put our $2 Off the All You Can Eat Breakfast Buffet to good use.

For anyone not as obsessed with Man V. Food as Brock and I are, the Big Texan Steakhouse is home of the Free 72 oz. steak meal if you happen to finish the whole thing in under an hour (our boy Adam finished in 30 min, what a beast). When we ran across the freezing parking lot to the steakhouse, we were instantly greeted by a giant stuffed grizzly bear and a whole lot of people in cowboy hats. They were all very friendly, and we were seated in a cozy booth. What happened next was purely magical. Since I was still suffering from the previous night’s fried meal, I decided I would just have a breakfast sandwich and let Brock try his hand at the buffet. Since we arrived at 10:50 and the buffet ended at 11, the waitress warned Brock that he would have only 10 minutes for the buffet. This prompted him to ask her if he could just fill up as many plates as he could. Her response, “Of course darlin’” (Did I mention I love southern hospitality? It’s seriously the best.) So Brock jumped up and began his quest to eat everything the buffet had to offer. This included an omelet the size of his head, French toast, pancakes, sausage, bacon, biscuits and a fruit plate. My order was “messed up” which meant that I ended up getting biscuits and gravy and four additional biscuits for free. They can mess up my order anytime.

We ended our meal, which totaled $13.00 for the two of us (unreal) and then went to explore the gift shop. Brock found the perfect shirt that had the Big Texan scene on the front, and I decided to just keep the cups from breakfast as my souvenir. We then took a picture in the giant chair along with every other possible photo op in the entire place. This proved to be somewhat difficult since it was -13 degree windchill outside, but we still made it work. We then rushed to the car and put the GPS to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Right as we were leaving we faced a blizzard with only a couple feet of vision in front of us on the road. This slowed us down a bit, but Brock was great and we ended up getting past all of it. We googled what there was to do in Albuquerque and chose the Natural History Museum since it had a walk through volcano and was only $7 a person. Once we actually got to the museum, they let us go in for free which was great. The only bad part was that the museum sucked. We made the most of it by taking pictures with everything that we saw which was actually quite entertaining. Plus Brock was able to get the best tee shirt in all of Albuquerque, so it was worth the trip.

We then headed out to Farmington our place to stay the night closest to the sacred Four Corners. Brock’s dream destination. He even talked to the woman at the museum gift shop about how excited he was to go there, and who admitted that it was a “Bucket List” type of place to go before you die. I said I could pass, but he’s so excited we are going to go no matter what. We drove through New Mexico and were able to see the most amazing sunset over the mountains and plateaus, so the ride was really nice. Once we finally found a hotel for the night after calling every hotel in Farmington, we arrived and headed out to dinner at the Three Rivers Brewery. However, this place turned out to be closed and the attached bar seemed terrifying so we just went home and went to bed.

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