Monday, February 14, 2011

Day Four- “I Feel Like a Zombie”

Thursday we woke up really early since we hadn’t adjusted to the time difference, and I started to get ready for my interview. Brock tried to sleep in, and I headed downtown to my interview. Afterward, we headed to Los Feliz for some lunch. Brock was still really tired and starving so he was in a bit of a "zombie mode". But lunch was delish, and then we headed to the Kodak theatre to check out the Walk of Fame. There were tons of tourists of course, and we walked up and down the street taking it all in (including watching like four different guys get arrested in a 20 minute period). We also discovered that Brock's hand and foot twin is Denzel Washington and mine is some director guy because my giant hands and feet could not match any of the women. Splendid.

That night we hooked up the TV and went to the local Radio Shack for an antenna to ensure we would have NBC for our Thursday night line-up. We finally found it thanks predominantly to Brock's expertise with a pair of antennas, and then enjoyed The Office and Parks and Rec while chowing down on two Dominos pizzas. Then off to bed early like the losers that we are.

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