Monday, February 7, 2011

Day One: "Megan and Brock's Roadrip to Hollyweird"

Well Roadtrip Day One was a long driving day. We packed the car up with chips, powerades and delicious fruit gushers, and we were on our way. We didn’t leave until noon because Brock waited until the last minute to do his laundry (of course) but once we hit the road we made pretty good time. Since we made it our mission to hit up as many Man vs. Food eateries on our trip, we set the GPS to the Steak and Catfish Barn in Oklahoma City, OK. We only stopped a couple times for gas and to stretch our legs, opting for Slim Jims instead of a real lunch.

Nearing our catfish destination, we only saw a creepy dark road and an unlit diner. Then we finally made out the words on the shack.. Steak and Catfish Barn. Yes this abandoned looking diner was where we would be having dinner. Brock ordered the All You Can Eat Fried Catfish and I opted for the more nutritious Fried Catfish meal. The staff was really cute and friendly. Our waitress kept calling us “Hun” and was very attentive and talkative. The ambiance was great with pictures of Adam Richmond on the walls and a whole lot of Elvis memorabilia. The only other people there seemed to be regulars and they kept talking about how Christina Aguiliera botched up the National Anthem.. lets get over it already. Brock ended up eating his whole meal plus another order, so 9 fillets in all. Only 20 away from Adam’s record… Pathetic. But he beat me since I basically only ate the amazing mashed potatoes and gravy along with the delish fried okra. Yummy.

We headed out of there full and ready to get to The Big Texan Motel and Steakhouse where we would be staying the night. Since Brock had a special request to stay in a themed room, we made sure that the rooms were going to be decked out in Western gear. Little did we know that Amarillo was synonymous with frozen tundra because when we got there it was FREEZING. We headed to the room and were beyond excited to see a cow print pillow, swinging saloon doors leading to the bathroom and a suede fringe shower curtain. Exhausted, we headed to bed for the night!

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