Monday, February 14, 2011

Day Three- “You’re putting out a lot of negative energy in the car”

We got an early start in the morning and headed out to conquer the Four Corners. After getting tricked by the GPS and going a little out of our way, we finally made it to where Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado all meet. We showed up and had to pay $6 to go to an abandoned area known as the four corners. There was one car that got there right before us, and it just happened to be filled with some overly excited foreign kids who took a bajillion pictures while we stood outside in the freezing cold. Brock got rid of my bad mood, and we posed for pictures in what turned out to be Brock’s favorite part of the roadtrip. After that we headed to a local “Trading Post” aka gas station to look at t-shirts and memorabilia. Then we were off to the Grand Canyon!

We arrived to the entrance of the Grand Canyon and paid the $25 fee to get inside the park. So expensive! But it turned out to be totally worth it. We went to the first lookout point where I lost Brock when I went to the bathroom and thought I was going to have to walk home. Turned out he was just perusing the gift shop. Typical. Then we went and looked over the edge, and it was pretty spectacular. We stopped at a few more points where Brock was able to spit over the edge of the canyon (a personal dream of his), and we did some snow angels on a cliff. Then we headed to get some souvenirs and get on our way to LA.

I finally drove a bit so Brock could rest, and we arrived in LA about 10. It was a shock hitting traffic when we got in the city because we had become so used to being the only people on the roads. Traffic soon became our biggest annoyance. Traffic and hobos.

We moved all of my stuff in that night which was great, and the place was exactly what I wanted. Simple, clean, pretty big and lots of light. After moving everything in we were exhausted so we headed to bed.

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