Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Guess who's back. Chicka Chicka Slim Shady.

Well after a three month hiatus, I have returned to the blogosphere to bring all of my loyal followers (yes, you two, you know who you are) vast information of what I'm doing out here. I haven't been writing much because of my full-time internship at Formula PR which ended on Friday. But that's over so I have tons and tons of free time. Hooray. Or boo? Depending on who you're talking to.

Over Memorial Day, Jenna and I took an awesome mini vacay to Long Beach. Home of several thousand screaming children. It was here that we spent the whole day laying out in the middle of a wind storm (sun and wind burns soon followed) surrounded by hundreds of children including a children's hockey league, then it was off to dinner and the aquarium (more children). Sting rays were touched and jelly fish were stared at, fun was had by all. Best part of the night occurred at the Mai Tai bar for Happy Hour. $4 tropical drinks? Don't mind if we did. Jenna was especially feeling the drinks and her quotes were by far the best I've heard in years:
Jenna: "hahaha" Me: What? Jenna: "I'm just getting tipsy. Everybody in the club getting tipsy. Those Ally bank commercials make me think its Allie bank. My face is on fire."
Me: "Jenna did you just eat the peach in your drink?" Jenna: "Yes like an animal. What animal eats peaches? A human. I ate it like a human animal."
After that it was off to 2nd street where we found the only bar in southern Cali to play country music. Unfortunately there was an old man groping his girlfriend at the bar for the better half of the night, lucky for us he was drunk enough to buy the whole bar pitchers of beer. Thank you, creepy old man.

Last night it was back to reality, or as sad as my life is, reality TV. Also known as The Bachelorette. This is by far the worst season to date. Since I have dedicated too many years of my life to this show, I feel that I am what should be called a Bachelor/Bachelorette Expert. Ashley, from the bottom of my heart, I hate you. Please stop pretending that you and Bentley weren't college buddies and that you didn't hook him up with a sweet job playing the "asshole who tricks Ashley into liking him." This show has gotten so bad, I don't have a love/hate relationship with it. It's full on hate/hate. But I'll continue to watch because... I can't help it. But really Ashley, you aren't attractive and you're a horrible dancer.

After the Bachelorette came the LA evening news. Big news of the night in LA? Sean Kingston getting into a jet ski accident in Miami. This was the breaking news story because the only stories that matter are the ones that involve some type of a celebrity. In less important news, a woman was seen dragging a trash can around a neighborhood in LA with body parts in it. Only in LA.

Well that sums up the last few days, stay tuned for what life holds for unemployed Megan. Hopefully a job? Anyone?

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